How to Use Siri to Add Punctuation to Texts and Emails

Are you an active member of the grammar police? Does it bug you when you read a text that’s missing that period, comma, or apostrophe? Using Siri to text or email is a convenient way to send messages while you’re on the go, but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your proper grammar. Here's how you use Siri to add punctuation to texts and emails:

While you’re speaking out loud transcribing your text to Siri, just say the words “period,” “comma,” or “apostrophe,” in the middle of your sentence and it will reflect the punctuation marks in your text. This can be used for other symbols too, such as “exclamation point,” “open quotes,” “close quotes,” and the favorable “smiley face.”

Now you can continue sounding sharp and expressive when you’re using Siri in your emails or texts!

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