Refurbished iPad Air

Looking for a little more power and up-to-date functionality? JemJem’s refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 gives great power with all the latest functionality for the best price you can find online. With great power and superlative design, the refurbished iPad Air is perfect primary device for your backup.

How much does a refurbished iPad Air cost?

The refurbished iPad Air costs between $219.99 to $289.99.

Is the JemJem refurbished iPad Air unlocked and compatible with all SIM carriers?

All JemJem refurbished products, including the iPad Air are unlocked and compatible with all SIM carriers.

Does this product meet Apple's certified refurbished standards? i.e new battery and functionality?

Yes, JemJem refurbished iPad Air and all other products are reconditioned to meet the certified refurbished standards by Apple. JemJem ensures 100% functionality, new battery, unlocked devices and alot more.

Does it come with charger and original packaging?

The product comes with a charger and are packed in a JemJem certified box.

So if you are looking forward to save money on an refurbished Apple iPad and feel confident about the purchase for a long term, then you need to check out JemJem’s Certified Refurbished iPad Air.