Looking for the absolute best laptop on the market today? Look no further, JemJem offers a wide selection of refurbished MacBook Pro for any need and any budget. Why buy a refurbished MacBook Pro? Because a refurbished MacBook Pro means that you can get an Apple laptop, a premium laptop, without a premium price tag. JemJem offers a great variety of MacBook Pro models to suit any budget!

Guaranteed to work like new, JemJem stands behind its refurbished MacBook Pros with a 90 day warranty. A JemJem reconditioned MacBook Pro is certified to come completely clean and reconditioned to 100% functionality, charger included. Want a longer warranty? JemJem offers an additional 1 or 2 year warranty so you can take advantage of JemJem’s top-tier protection.

The MacBook Pro is the gold standard of laptops. With a gorgeous milled aluminium body, a breath-taking display, and computing power for anything you need to do, the MacBook Pro is go-to choice of students, professionals, graphic designers, and power users. Cutting-edge graphics, high performance processors, and Apple’s fully reliable operating system, MacOS, will take you to new heights in anything you do with your laptop.

Whether you need to run Photoshop, a video editor, word processing, or spreadsheets, the MacBook Pro delivers the power you need. And you can count on the MacOS operating system to run the way you expect it to every time. Your MacBook Pro will update to the latest version of MacOS so that your laptop has the most up-to-date security. With hundreds of approved apps in the iTunes store, the MacBook Pro is the tool of choice for anything you want to do.

Not sure which MacBook Pro is right for you? The 13-inch MacBook Pro will give you a nice balance between computing power and portability. Perfect if you are on the go and don’t want to be short on computing power.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro will give you the ultimate processing power in Apple’s line of laptops. The generous display is ideal for photo editing, working with spreadsheets, gaming, or just simply watching movies. The processing can handle the most graphic intensive task.

Displays in both models support a wide color range, with deep blacks and bright whites. Their vibrant displays are so vivid that you’ll never want to work or play with other laptops again. And both MacBook Pro models offer long battery life.

Guaranteed to work like new, JemJem stands behind its refurbished MacBook Pro with a 90 day warranty. Want to be covered for longer? JemJem offers 1 or 2 year warranties so that you can take advantage of JemJem’s top-tier protection.

Apple Refurbished MacBook Pro