Apple Refurbished iPhones

Love Apple iPhone but don’t love Apple prices? No worries, A JemJem Certified refurbished Apple iPhone saves you real money and is reconditioned to work like new. JemJem Certified means the best deal on refurbished iPhone, all tested to 100% functionality, guaranteed. Why pay more for the same smartphone? At JemJem, less is actually more!

A JemJem refurbished iPhone comes with a 90 day warranty. Guaranteed to work like new, JemJem’s reconditioned iPhones bring you the Apple experience without premium prices. Want to cover your refurbished iPhone for longer? JemJem offers an additional 1 or 2 year warranty for extra coverage.

Looking for a basic smartphone? No problem. The refurbished iPhone has plenty of power for everyday surfing, checking email, and watching movies. With a way lighter price tag than the latest retail models, the iPhone can still do it all. A refurbished iPhone means good power under the hood and gorgeous Apple design at the best price you’ll find anywhere. The iPhone is perfect for travellers going to rough it on the backpacker circuit or a perfect backup for your primary device.

Get your Apple deal at a price that makes sense for any budget with JemJem Certified refurbished! Get yours today, worry free! With a hassle-free return policy, friendly customer service, and free shipping on US orders, you can’t go wrong with JemJem refurbished.

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