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Apple’s Macbook computers have an illustrious history of being powerhouses of storage, performance, and durability. If you’ve had your eye on a Macbook (desktop or laptop), Apple’s reputation for high-quality devices means you don’t have to worry about purchasing a refurbished computer.

The MacBook laptops are sleek, lightweight, and incredibly powerful for both work and play. An ultra-sensitive touchpad lets you fly through your work while a Core 2 Duo processor supports gaming, photography, and any other activity that requires an elite combination of speed and graphics quality. The MacBooks are also known for their incredible battery life. If you’re a frequent flier, you can’t always find an outlet for a quick charge. MacBook Pros have an average battery life of about 10 hours, getting you through even the longest days without having to stop and plug in.

The iMac is the desktop version of the MacBook, and it’s these desktops that turned Apple into a household name. It eliminates the external drive, and everything is packed into one sleek screen. iMacs have built-in iSight cameras, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and 2GB of RAM.