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Apple Refurbished iPad Pro

Apple Refurbished iPad Pro

iPads are the perfect devices for surfing the web and checking emails. Whether you are buying a 4G LTE model for on-the-go use or the Wi-Fi-only model for home or office use, JemJem assures that you can find your perfect used iPad Pro at a fraction of the cost.

The JemJem Certified Refurbished iPads come fully tested with a 90-day warranty, and ensure 100% functionality.

Why buy refurbished or used iPad Pro?

Launched in 2015, iPad Pro is the latest and the lightest version of the iPad fraternity with a lot of excellent features.

It is completely worth considering purchasing a refurbished iPad Pro from JemJem's store before buying a brand-new one. It will look and work exactly like the new model and you will not see the difference anywhere, but just in your bank balance. So, grab the deal now!

What colors does the iPad Pro come in?

The color options available for iPad Pro are Gold, Silver, Space Grey and Rose Gold. At JemJem, you can get all the available colors in our refurbished models. Please take note all our refurbished Apple products are 100% original and we don’t offer colors which are not officially available like the fake sellers.

What are the various memory capacities available in iPad Pro?

The available memory capacities in a refurbished iPad Pro are 64, 256 and 512 GB. You can select the one as per your need and budget. If you just surf the internet and do very little offline watching, 64GB would be enough for you. But, if you often save a bunch of data offline without deleting previous items, 256 or 512GB would work well for you.

Who should buy a refurbished iPad pro?

This brilliant product can be of incredible benefits for students and as well as for working professionals. Multitasking and Split View is the thing that makes it an incredible computer to work on. Not only would you be able to have two different applications side by side, you can also watch videos while you are working with the Picture-in-Picture mode. This helps spare a lot of time spent changing from application to application and the break in concentration.

So, don’t think twice and buy Refurbished iPad Pro Online from JemJem today!