Why buy a refurbished iPhone or MacBook?

No deal, anywhere on Apple refurbished products can beat ours, promise!

High Quality Apple Refurbished Products at Discounted Prices

From the brands that are trusted and loved world over, we bring to you,
refurbished MacBook, refurbished iPhone, refurbished Apple watch, refurbished
iPad and iPhone accessories. The list of products also includes refurbished Lenovo,
Acer, Dell and Samsung Chromebooks.

Choose from a wide variety of Apple refurbished products that are made available
to you only after running them through a thorough screening test, every single
part turned upside down, checked for any shortcomings, inside-out and the bad
parts, if any found, are replaced with the new ones. And only after that, certified
by the experts as perfect for re-using. Refurbished Apple and Samsung products
here are exclusively sold in its best shape.



The best of the world’s best technology now, at your fingertips!

Eyeing the latest iPhone, MacBook, iPad or Chromebook? You can now move
a step ahead and own them all by opting for as good as new refurbished apple
iPhone, refurbished MacBook, refurbished iPad and refurbished Chromebook,
all at great prices.

Guaranteed to work like new, JemJem stands behind its refurbished Apple iPhone
and MacBook with a 90 day warranty. JemJem’s refurbished Apple products are
certified to come completely clean and reconditioned to 100% functionality,
charger included. Want a longer warranty? JemJem offers an additional 1 or 2 year warranty so you can take advantage of JemJem’s top-tier protection.



Why buy a refurbished iPhone or MacBook?

Reconditioned to new, the used iPhone and refurbished Mac gets you all the
latest functionality and Apple’s outrageously sophisticated style - a svelte design
that fits so nicely in your budget.

Needs and desires vary widely and so do the prices to own them.
Here, no matter if you have your eye on the latest model, a fancy accessory
or the high-end trending gadget you will be served all at unbelievably low prices.
Other benefits on buying from us:

Fantastic discounts on all Apple and Samsung refurbished products!
90-day warranty30-day return policy


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Peter Komlen

Peter Komlen

Do you include a new battery and new screen saver in the purchase? Are these refurbished devices graded “A?”

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