Why buy a refurbished iPhone 7?

Get an iPhone at a discount


Apple Refurbished iPhone 7

Looking for a premium smartphone without a premium price tag? JemJem has a huge selection of affordable refurbished iPhone 7 to do anything better than ever. With a JemJem certified refurbished iPhone 7 (Unlocked GSM), you can have premium quality and outrageously sophisticated style all in one iPhone at a price that fits your budget. With JemJem, you’ll find the best Apple deals anywhere!

Guaranteed to work like new, JemJem stands behind its refurbished iPhone 7 with a 90-day warranty. JemJem’s refurbished iPhone 7 is certified to come completely clean and reconditioned to 100% functionality, charger included. Want a longer warranty? JemJem offers an additional 1 or 2-year warranty so you can take advantage of JemJem’s top-tier protection.



Why buy a refurbished iPhone 7?

Reconditioned to new, the used iPhone 7 gets you all the latest functionality and Apple’s outrageously sophisticated style - a svelte design that fits so nicely in your budget. Same device, smaller price!


How is iPhone 7 Different from iPhone 6?

iPhone 7 hides profound changes to the internals when compared with iPhone 6. It has a redesigned home button, increased storage capacity (up to 256 GB), a faster processor and much more. Its increased memory capacity will act as a boon for people with huge movies or music libraries and who captures tons of videos and photos every day. iPhone 7’s faster processor will make it easier to do more on the go, like watching movies or playing games. iPhone 7 has up to two hours longer life of battery than iPhone 6. It is available in Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Silver and Jet Black colors while iPhone 6 only has Silver, Gold and Space Gray as color choices. If you want to go for a cheaper version then you can buy Apple iPhone 7 32 GB.


What are the Tech Specifications of iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 has a 4.7-inch retina HD display which is a multi-touch display with IPS technology. Its home button acts to the strength of your tap. Actually, it isn't just a home button —it is a flat panel with 3D Touch features. This makes the home button less likely to damage, helps in dust and waterproofing and offers new functionality for the button. iPhone 7 supports a single sim card and is powered by quad core processor.


Weight and dimensions of iPhone 7:

  • Width 2.64 inches (67.1 mm)
  • Height is 5.44 inches (138.3 mm)
  • Depth: 0.28 inches (7.1 mm)
  • Weight: 4.87 ounces (138 grams)

Apple is known for their incredible customer service and their devotion to creating products that are incredibly well-made and long-lasting. Their iPhone is their most popular product, but with all of their releases, it gets old waiting in hours-long lines to snag the newest model. Choosing an Apple refurbished iPhone ensures you get the dependability of Apple products with a great price! With a refurbished iPhone, you’re still getting all of the features of an iPhone including iTunes, the App Store, and Siri without renewing your cellular contract or shelling out a huge lump sum of cash.

All JemJem Certified Apple used iPhone 7 comes with 90 Day Warranty. So, order now!

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