Sleep Cycle debuts Apple Watch app  with snore prevention, silent alarm
If you own an Apple Watch, feel free to rely on the Sleep Cycle app to wake you up silently in the morning, nudge you via Taptic Engine when you start snoring as well as track your sleeping and waking hear rates.
The feature is available through the latest version of Sleep Cycle for iPhone. After installing Sleep Cycle on Apple Watch, check that the Snore Stopper feature is turned on in the Sleep Cycle settings for Apple Watch on the iPhone app.
The goal is simple. Using the Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine, Sleep Cycle can give
your wrist a subtle (and silent) tap when the iPhone app detects that you’re snoring. The tap is subtle enough that it shouldn’t wake you, Sleep Cycle says, but it should prompt you to change positions which can help you stop snoring.
It’s like when you’re snoring wakes up your partner and they prod you turn over and stop snoring, except your partner is Apple Watch and no one has to wake up tired and annoyed.
Sleep Cycle for Apple Watch also features a silent alarm clock that relies on the Taptic Engine to quietly and gently wake you up. Apple’s built-in Alarm app offers a similar feature on Apple Watch, but Sleep Cycle also doubles as a sleep tracker that logs duration and quality in Apple’s Health app.
Finally, the new watch app lets Sleep Cycle read your heart rate average through the night when sleep tracking with Apple Watch. Sleep tracking with Apple Watch requires charging during the day, of course, which can often take about an hour for newer Apple Watches that often have 50% battery at the end of the day.

Sleep Cycle for iPhone and Apple Watch is a free download from the App Store.
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