iPhone X | You might be using Face ID  wrong – here’s how you fix it

Face ID is one of the iPhone X’s best features, and we’ll see every other company in the industry copy it in the coming years. Computers will be smart enough to recognize our faces and voices, and automatically log us into devices and apps as we open them. Face ID has no rival in the mobile business right now, but things will change come next year when more smartphone makers will utilize 3D sensors in depth-sensing face recognition modules.


It doesn’t matter that your glasses or hat are off. Face ID works with or without them. It’s conceived to learn those things about yourself, and implying that you don’t have your headgear on, so Face ID doesn’t work, is misleading.
Yes, it might not work in bed all the time, but that’s typically because you’re holding it too close to your face.


You don’t have to do anything specific, just pull the phone out like you usually would, look at the screen as you normally do, and swipe up. That’s it. The phone will be unlocked by the time you finished swiping. There shouldn’t be anything “strange” about interacting with your phone, as he says in his review. Unlocking the iPhone X isn’t a two-step process at all.


The iPhone X’s facial recognition system and the speedier OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock aren’t on equal footing here. Ignoring the complexity of Face ID and what can it do solely because Face Unlock is faster isn’t telling the whole story at all. Face Unlock isn’t secure — it’s just a convenience feature and OnePlus makes that clear. In fact, you can’t even unlock apps or authenticate payment with Face Unlock.

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