How to sign PDFs on iPhone and iPad

How to sign PDFs on iPhone and iPad

You can add a previously saved signature or manually sign a document.

1) Open a PDF document you’d like to sign digitally in an app that supports Markup:

  • Files: Open a PDF you’d like to sign, then tap Markup.
  • Messages: Attach a photo/PDF, tap it in the bubble and choose Markup.
  • Safari: Open a webpage, choose Create PDF from the Share menu and hit Markup.
  • Mail: Open a message, tap an attachment and choose Markup.
  • Photos: Tap a photo, choose Edit, tap “…” and select Markup from the popup menu.
  • Notes: Tap a document in your note, then choose Markup from the Share menu.
  • iBooks: Open a PDF and tap Markup at the top.
  • Other apps: Create a PDF to markup anything that can be printed.

2) Tap “+” at the bottom of the Markup interface.

3) Tap the Signature icon from a popup menu. 



4) Sign your name with your finger, Apple Pencil or another stylus.

TIP: If you already have previously saved signatures, choose one from the menu.


Your previously saved signatures are readily accessible from Markup


5) Feel free to drag your inserted signature to move it around freely or resize your digital signature by using the blue buttons to grow or shrink the surrounding box.

TIP: To change the ink color, tap the digital signature you just applied to a PDF document and select any of the color circles provided at the bottom of the Markup interface.

6) Tap Done to save the changes.

TIP: Invoke Markup faster on iPad by placing your Apple Pencil on what you’d like to annotate.

Saving and managing your signatures

You can add one or more signatures to re-use over and over again.

1) Open a document from the Files app.

2) Tap the Markup icon at the top.

3) Tap “+” at the bottom of the Markup interface.

4) Choose Add or Remove Signature from the popup menu.



4) You can now add as many new signatures as you like or delete existing ones.

  • Remove a signature: Tap “-” next to a previously saved signature, then choose Delete.
  • Add a signature: Tap “+”, sign your name on the line and hit Done.

Unsatisfied with the way your digital signature has turned out? Hit Clear to start over! When you’re finished, tap Done to save your newly created signature and insert it into your document.

You can have as many saved signatures as you’d like.



As I mentioned earlier, the signature feature is available anywhere Markup is accessible.

For instance, you can easily add your signature to any image in the Photos app. Or, you could sign a PDF kept in a third-party cloud storage service, right from the Files app. Perhaps you’d like to quickly send a signed PDF attachment to someone without leaving Mail?

With Markup, you can do all that and then some more!

TIP: How to create a handwritten email signature on iPhone

On iPad Pros and 2018 or newer iPad models, use Apple Pencil to scrawl your signature.

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