How to send cool emails from the Mail app with Stationery

When you want to send a nice message to someone, maybe for a birthday, thank you, or get well soon, you might use one of those ecard apps. There are some great ones out there with cards for every occasion. But, did you know that the Mail app on Mac offers these types of messages too?

If you want to send a card-like email, check out the Stationery options instead. The feature in your Mail app on Mac is easy to use, gives you cool cards to pick from, and lets you say exactly what you want to say.



Access the Stationery

First, open your Mail app and navigate to the mailbox you want to send the message from, if you have more than one.

1) Click the Compose button to create a new email.

2) Click the Stationery button from the top right to open the Stationery Pane.

3) Select the type of Stationery you want to send. It will then automatically pop into the body of your email.


Stationery options

Once you open the Stationery pane, you will see a variety of options for most any occasion.

  • Birthday: Send birthday wishes, a gift, or party invitation.
  • Announcements: Send invitations, a baby announcement, or a new address flyer.
  • Photos: Add your own photos to share your vacation memories.
  • Stationery: Send a letter with an attractive theme.
  • Sentiments: Say Thank You, Get Well, or Good Job.


Add your own message

The neat thing about the Mail app’s Stationery feature is that you can create one after you have entered your message into the email body. So, if you have spent time typing an email and then decide to spruce it up with Stationery, your existing message will pop into the card you choose after you pick it.

Alternatively, you can start your message by selecting the Stationery and then add your message by clicking inside of the card in the spot you want the text.



You can edit your message within the Stationery you choose, just like with a regular email. Adjust the font style or size, change the color, and align it as you like. Select the text inside the Stationery and then use your font formatting toolbar at the top like you would do with any email.

You can also click the Stationery button once more to close the Stationery Pane so you have more room to work.


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