How to quickly translate webpages in  Safari for iPhone and iPad

When it comes to translating pages in Safari on iPhone and iPad, Microsoft's Translator app has got your back.

If you use your iPhone or iPad to surf the web a lot, you can use Microsoft's Translator app and its extension to quickly translate web pages that you visit into your native language. Microsoft Translator is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded from the App Store for free.


Microsoft Translator (Free) - Download Now

Once you've got it downloaded, you can set up the action extension for translation web pages.


How to activate the Microsoft Translator extension in Safari

  • Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  • While viewing a webpage, tap the share button.
  • Scroll to the left on the bottom row of icons.




How to translate web pages in Safari with Microsoft Translator.



  • Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Head to the webpage that you want to translate.





  • Tap the share button at the bottom of the display.
  • Tap the Microsoft Translator button. The extension will then translate the entire page for you.

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