How to create automations  and scenes in the iOS Home app

If you've yet to set up scenes and automations in your smart home, you're not getting the full benefit of the smart products you're buying.

How to set up scenes in the Home app for iOS

If you'd like to set up a scene in the Home app for iOS, here's how!



  • Launch the Home app for iOS.
  • Tap the add button in the top right corner of the screen (looks like a plus sign).
  • Tap Add Scene.
  • Choose a suggested scene or create a new one by tapping Custom.




  • Give your scene a name.
    • You can change the icon for your scene by tapping the Home icon to the left of the scene name.*
  • Tap Add Accessories.
  • Choose the accessories you want to add to your scene by tapping on them (I want to dim the lights in my living room before a movie begins so I'm choosing the lights in my living room.).
  • Tap Done when you've selected your accessories.



  • Long press or 3D Touch the accessories in your scene to change their settings.
  • Tap Done when you've adjusted your accessories' settings to your satisfaction.

    • Tapping Test This Scene will show you what the scene will do. It gives you a chance to make sure you've set everything to your satisfaction.
    • Tapping Add Accessories will let you add more accessories to your scene.
    • Tapping the on/off switch next to Include in Favorites will add or remove this scene from your favorite scenes.

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