How to buy a refurbished Macbook

Here’s what you need to know when buying a refurbished Mac — either through Apple or another retailer.




Price is obviously one of the most important factors of a sweet deal, but hold your horses and look for other signs of a smart buy. Whether searching the Refurbished and Clearance section of Apple’s website or exploring other vendors, here’s what to watch for.



Warranties and return policies

A warranty provides some protection if your refurbished Mac
unexpectedly re-bites the dust after you get it, saving you from
wasting too much money. A great example of this is Apple’s one-year warranty for refurbished goods. Thankfully, other vendors offer similar lines of protection.


You want to buy a good from a company that offers product testing. Apple is the best at this, but other vendors also offer their own — albeit not brand-certified — testing procedures to ensure the utmost quality.



Original materials

The original box, instructions, and accessories are a great bonus. A reputable refurbished product should have these, as the like-new experience is part of what separates a refurbished model from its used counterpart.


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Hakeem Lawal

Hakeem Lawal

Is it true that Apple above 5 years old is not a good buy?

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