Apple Watch tips and tricks you should know

From using Siri to muting notifications to saving battery life, here are some of the most useful Apple Watch tips and tricks you should learn.


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If your Apple watch’s battery life is degrading quickly and charging might not be feasible, Power Reserve mode is something to consider. This feature shuts down most of the device’s functionality, save for the ability to display the time. Apple claims the device can last an additional 72 hours in this mode

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Seeing as how the Apple Watch has no keyboard, Siri is a much more integral input mechanism than it is on the iPhone. There are two main ways to activate Siri. First, you can simply lift up your wrist and say “Hey Siri” before making a voice command. Kepp in mind, though, that the “Hey Siri” functionality only works if the device is either a)Glances mode or b) in watch face mode. Of course, the easiest way to activate Siri is to simply initiate a long-press on the digital crown.

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a Nifty feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to take screenshot of the device’s display. This can be achieved by simultaneously pressing the side button and the digital crown. For anyone who has taken screenshots on their iPhone, this process should be rather familiar.


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