Apple iPhone Rumors:  iPhone SE2 Will Reportedly  Release In March 2018

iPhone SE 2 release date

Originally, we expected an all-new iPhone SE 2 to launch in March 2017, given that the original iPhone SE was announced in March 2016 and Apple usually updates its phone lines once a year. However, while Apple introduced a Product RED iPhone 7 and a brand new iPad back in March 2017, the iPhone SE was only treated to a bump in storage to 32- and 128GB. We were glad to see the back of the 16GB model, but it wasn't the update we were all looking for.

Now it's looking like the iPhone SE will get an update in spring 2018, with March looking like the most likely date.

A FocusTaiwan report in August suggested that the new iPhone SE will launch in the first quarter of 2018. Sources claim this new iPhone will be manufactured in India by Wistron - Wistron puts together the current iPhone SE.



While the iPhone SE looks similar to the iPhone 5S, there is an expectation that the iPhone SE 2 will look more like the iPhone 8, although it is expected to have smaller dimensions.

One thing that is likely to change is the colour options. The iPhone SE is currently available in Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold options. The iPhone SE 2 is likely to be available in Silver, Gold, and Space Grey - like the iPhone 8.
The concept essentially imagines squeezing an iPhone X spec into a four-inch phone, though it does lose the rear dual-camera setup in an unusual nod to likely real-world space constraints.
One challenge for Apple is that the SE currently serves two very different markets. There are those who simply prefer the design and size, and who may well be willing to pay a significantly higher price to get an iPhone X-style spec. But there are also those – probably the majority of iPhone SE owners – who buy on price. Attempting this kind of makeover of the SE wouldn’t be cheap and would risk losing more budget-focused buyers.
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