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Apple Refurbished iPhone

Apple Refurbished iPhone

Save On Refurbished iPhone with JemJem!

Looking for an affordable refurbished iPhone? JemJem offers a great deal and quality unlocked phone including refurbished iPhone 5, iPhone 5s unlocked, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 refurbished online. Grab an affordable Apple refurbished iPhone today from one of our many daily deals or newsletter specials. Apple refurbished iPhone 4, Apple refurbished iPhone 4s, Apple refurbished iPhone 5, Apple refurbished iPhone 5c, Apple refurbished iPhone 5s, Apple refurbished iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6S and Apple refurbished iPhone 7 are all available cell phones for sale at cheap prices on JemJem. All new Apple iPhones are coming with a dual-core processor, retina display and 4G LTE.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone?

Apple is known for their incredible customer service and their devotion to creating products that are incredibly well-made and long-lasting. Their iPhone is their most popular product, but with all of their releases, it gets old waiting in hours-long lines to snag the newest model.

Choosing an Apple refurbished iPhone ensures you get the dependability of Apple products at a great price (A new Apple iPhone like iPhone XR comes almost at a triple price than ours)! With a refurbished iPhone, you’re still getting all of the features of an iPhone including iTunes, the App Store, and Siri without renewing your cellular contract or shelling out a huge lump sum of cash. All JemJem Certified Apple Refurbished iPhones comes with 90 Day Warranty.

Will my refurbished iPhone work like new?

Yes, used iPhone from JemJem are 100% functional and all parts of them work like new. Buy used iPhone from JemJem and get 90 Day warranty with great battery life.

From the display of an Apple iPhone to the battery of an iPad, everything in JemJem refurbished Apple products will always have all of their components in full working condition, similar to their brand-new partners. This is because our refurbished products aren't the same as the used ones. They experience a strict refurbishing process to achieve high standards before their release. This implies when you purchase a refurbished Apple product form JemJem, it will be 100% working and functional.

Are refurbished Apple products tested?

Yes, when we refurbish our products, one the most essential stage is testing.

We sell iPhone only after a complete test which includes software and hardware tests along with the thorough checking of the components. If any bug is found, they again go through the refurbishing process. After all the fixes, they get released with JemJem certification. Remember, we only release a product when it passes all functional testing just like a new product. So, feel free to make a deal.

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