What is a refurbished iPad and where can I buy one?

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What does refurbished mean?

It is a common misconception that a refurbished Apple product means that it is a previously defective unit that has been repaired and sold again. Yes, that may be the case sometimes, but it isn’t always so. Sometimes, a refurbished iPad is one that may have been returned by a customer to get another color of the same unit, or even for exchange for another unit entirely if it is still covered by the warranty. Furthermore, a refurbished iPad can be one that has been lent to a journalist, a gadget reviewer, and the like. Refurbished iPads are, admittedly, used iPads, but ones that have been certified to be in like-new condition before you purchase them.



Apple Refurbished iPad

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if you have an older iPad in hand that you are looking to upgrade, be sure to also check out the available avenues for selling or trading in your current device.



Why is the refurbished ipad so popular?

The refurbished iPad fetches you a reconditioned device at a conditioned price. JemJem Certified Refurbished devices are reconditioned to 100% functionality, factory settings, and are duly packed in a JemJem certified box.



Where I can get refurbished ipad in USA?

If you are looking for a refurbished iPad in USA, then you need not look farther than JemJem. JemJem is the third largest retailer of refurbished Apple products in USA and ensures 100% functionality, original factory setted devices in addition to the free 90-day warranty that covers the parts and the labor and the JemJem certified box.

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