What are Refurbished Apple Products?

 Apple produces some of the most sought-after consumer electronics on the market today. From iPhones, to iPads, and even Macs, the company’s products are on many a wish list. There’s only one problem though: they can be expensive. This is why there is such a large market for refurbished Apple products.


Buying refurbished allows you the consumer to purchase an Apple device at a discount, often in like-new condition. The so-called “Apple tax” – the premium at which the company’s products sell to comparable products from its competitors – is much less. So, what can you expect from a refurbished device?


It’s clean.


Devices traded in by customers go through a process where they’re cleaned up and fully sanitized to remove bacteria, dirt and residue. Just normal day-to-day use can build up contaminants. Reputable refurbished resellers take this step to ensure the product is free of smudges, smells, and residues. Take for example a device used by a smoker, or used in a dusty environment. You don’t want a device that smells like a cigarette, or has its vents clogged by dust and dirt!


It’s repaired.


Occasionally, traded in devices come in with some issues: maybe a missing cord, or a disk drive that isn’t functioning properly. Reputable resellers address these issues, making sure the device you purchase works as good as new. For example, at JemJem we see quite a few devices with power cords that are frayed and/or malfunctioning. We replace that cord before sending it to you so you have a positive experience.


Will there be some dings and scratches? In some cases, yes. But nothing major, nor will there be anything broken. That’s important considering you’ll still be shelling out quite a bit of money even if it’s refurbished. In many cases, you won’t even be able to tell it is used – it will look and run ‘like new.’


It’s warrantied.


Just because you bought a refurbished Apple products device doesn’t mean you should give up the peace of mind that a warranty provides. After we’ve cleaned and repaired the device and before we send it to you, we warranty our work. JemJem’s warranty offers no-cost repairs and replacement for 90 days after purchase. If the device itself still has the original manufacturer’s warranty, you don’t lose those benefits just because it was resold.


It’s cheaper.


As we’ve said, buying refurbished is cheaper. Depending on the age of the product and its overall condition, in most cases with JemJem you’ll save anywhere from 20%-50% off (and sometimes more) the original retail price. Buying a refurbished device may also allow you to get a better device than you would pay for a lower-end device new.


One good example is the prices of our Refurbished Apple MacBook Pros. For the price of a new MacBook Air, you can get a much more powerful refurbished MacBook Pro. For power users, this makes a big difference!


If you’re looking for a Refurbished Apple product – whether it be an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook – consider JemJem.com. With every device we sell, we sanitize the device thoroughly, and test and repair any defects. We also offer a best-in-class 90-day no questions asked warranty to give you even more piece of mind.


Have any questions? Give us a call at 948-349-2620 From 9am to 3pm Pacific time, or email us at support@jemjem.com.

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