Useful iPad tips and tricks


We love our iPads, and from time to time we’ll discover a new thing that makes us love them even more. From Siri’s skewed sense of humor to the smart multitasking of the most recent models, every iPad has something to excite and delight its users.

In fact, there’s so much good stuff in iOS that many of us don’t know about some of the most useful, clever or entertaining things our devices can do.


1. Split the keyboard

Apple’s keyboard can do some clever things, such as splitting in two so you can use it with your thumbs. To split the keyboard just drag it apart (to the left and right) with two fingers; to put it back again just drag it back together.


2. Stream via AirPlay

If you have an AirPlay compatible device - an Apple TV, an AirPlay speaker - you can stream movies and music from your iPad by tapping the AirPlay icon in Control Center. If your device isn’t AirPlay-enabled look for an app such as Tubio, which streams to all kinds of things in pristine HD.


3. Make your iPad quieter

Some apps are awfully keen on playing sounds whenever you do anything, but you don’t have to put up with that if you don’t want to. Go into Settings > Sounds to turn off specific sounds such as posting a tweet or a Facebook post, and use Settings > Notifications to make app-specific changes.

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