Should I Buy an Apple iPad Pro?

Apple refreshed their iPad Pro line, spurring early adopters to trade in their old iPad Pros for the latest and greatest. This means there’s going to soon be tons of refurbished iPad Pros for sale soon – we’re selling a few of them here on JemJem for up to 50% off the original price already. 

This is a great time to pick up a refurbished iPad Pro yourself. But if you’re searching for an excuse to, we have some great reasons listed below to help you make the decision.

iPad Pro for Artists 

The iPad Pro is the tablet to have if you’re an artist or somebody that likes to draw. The Apple Pencil is one of the best styluses on the market, and detects pressure and how it’s held. This allows you to draw just like an actual pencil, or hold it like a paint brush. It really is an amazing device.

Companies like Adobe have even optimized their apps for use with the iPad Pro. Photoshop on the iPad Pro is amazing, and there’s plenty of other apps out there to bring out your artistic side. 

iPad Pro for Students

It’s become a common sight to see students walking around college campuses with laptops. These laptops do far more than you’ll need on any given school day: it’s just extra weight. The far lighter iPad Pro takes up less space, and runs mobile versions of many of the apps you have on your computer.

We also like it to replace other items in your book bag other than your laptop. Combined with an Apple Pencil, this device can also replace your notebooks, syncing notes to all your devices and even making them searchable. The larger model is even large enough to make it useful as an e-reader for your textbooks. With an iPad Pro, it might be the only thing you need to take to class. 

iPad Pro for Work

Just like a student, some jobs require you carry around a laptop and other things to get work done. A refurbished iPad Pro is a good fit for you. Paperwork can be carried with you digitally (there’s even apps which allow you to sign documents), and many common workplace apps have an app too, like AutoCAD.

In some harsher work environments, a refurbished iPad might be a better bet. You might need to replace your device more often, and tablets by and large are much more impervious to dust and grime than your traditional laptop. 

iPad Pro for Entertainment

The big screens of the iPad Pro series make watching movies and TV shows a much more pleasant experience. The screen is crisp, and the iPad Pro is capable of true stereo sound – a feature missing on many tablets.

We like using our local cable company’s app to watch live TV from the iPad. Having a TV in the room is no longer required: you can take it with you wherever you go, including away from home if you purchase a refurbished iPad Pro with cellular connectivity.

These are only some reasons why we think a refurbished iPad Pro is perfect. If you’re considering a tablet, the iPad Pro should be on the top of your list. However, don’t spend more than you have to, and buy refurbished – especially from us at JemJem. You will be glad you did.

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