Need second Refurbished device? Take Your Pick: iphone 7 plus

JemJem offers a wide selection of reconditioned iPhone 7 Plus for any budget. JemJem’s deals on Apple refurbished to bring you the best price online, anywhere! Choose from a great variety of iPhone 7 models to suit any budget! JemJem gets you the best prices on Apple iPhone 7 Plus anywhere!

Guaranteed to work like new, JemJem stands behind its refurbished iPhone 7 Plus with a 90-day warranty. A JemJem reconditioned iPhone 7 Plus is certified to come completely clean and reconditioned to 100% functionality, charger included. Want a longer warranty? JemJem offers an additional 1 or 2-year warranty so you can take advantage of JemJem’s top-tier protection.


What points should I take into consideration before purchasing the refurbished iPhone 7 plus?

The points of consideration include the aesthetics of the iPhone, the functionality if it is locked or unlocked and the accessories along with it.


What additional benefits I will get iPhone 7 Plus from JemJem?

Certified Refurbished JemJem iPhone 7 Plus is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Reset to original factory settings, and tested to ensure 100% functionality, the certified JemJem iPhone 7 Plus comes with a free 90-day warranty, including the labor and parts for any mechanical issues.


What’s the major difference between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus?

The major difference between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus lies in the design, display (4.7-inch display vs. 5.5-inch display), camera (single vs. dual 12 mp camera) and hardware capacities.

Your budget makes sense but the premium new retail prices don’t? No stress. JemJem means an amazing deal for an amazing iPhone! Get the Apple you always wanted for so much less!

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Michal Lee

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