iPhone X vs iPhone 8 : Comparison, What's the difference?

The iPhone X is the Design champ here, with that edge-to-edge screen and lack of a home-button. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are much more familiar. All the Phones are IP67 rated, have glass backs for wireless charging and no headphone jack.


The new 10nm A11 chip powers both phones, though RAM has yet to be determind. The iPhone X gets the new OLED display, while the 8 and 8 Plus have to stick with IPS LCD


iPhone 8 Plus: $799 for 64GB, $949 for 256GB.
(iPhone 8 is $699 for 64GB, $849 for 256GB.)
iPhone X: $999 for 64GB, $1149 for 256GB.
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