How to use emoji and Tapbacks in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

How do you emoji recommendations, emoji reactions, and emojifications? It's all in the Messages app!

messages make using emoji easier than ever. If that doesn't sound important to you, then you haven't seen the kind of cheers emoji get on stage or the amount of interest they generate on social platforms. They're a big, smiley, thumbs-up kind of deal!

How do you get emoji recommendations in iMessage?

Apple's predictive QuickType keyboard can suggest emoji as well as, you know, regular words. The predictive keyboard has to be turned on in Settings, and can't be hidden.

  1. Start typing in the iMessage text field.
  2. Tap any emoji predictions that show up in the prediction bar. If multiple predictions show up, tap the one you prefer.
  3. Tap the Send button. (Looks like an upward arrow)



Emoji predictions will show up whenever you type something that has a corresponding emoji. For example, "I'm happy" will predict "[smiley face]". "My car" will suggest the "[car]" emoji.


How do you emojify an iMessage?

The "emojification" works similarly to emoji recommendations.

  • Type an iMessage in the text field.
  • Tap the Emoji button on the keyboard.



  • Tap on a word that's highlighted orange to replace it with its corresponding emoji.
  • Keep tapping words highlighted until you've "emojified" everything you want.
  • Tap the Send button (Looks like an upward arrow).




With emojification, you can convert as many — or as few — words to emoji as you like.


How do you react with an emoji Tapback in iMessage?

Emoji aren't just for replying, they're also for reacting. Apple calls them Tapbacks. They're similar to Slack or Facebook emoji reactions, and drop right onto any iMessage bubble sent your way.

  1. Touch and hold (long press) on an iMessage sent your way.
  2. Tap the Tapback you want to send: Heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, Ha ha, !!, or ?.



There's no need to hit send, the emoji reaction goes immediately.

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