How to Unlock Your Phone

Depending on which carrier you have, unlocking your phone can be done it different ways, it's relatively simple and always free. Unlocking your phone increases the trade-in value of your device, allowing the phone to be used on any network. So if you're contract is up, you've paid any outstanding balance, it's beneficial to unlock your phone to get more money for your device. Thanks to the recently passed Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, we can be free to unlock our phones without consequence!

To start the process, you'll want to have some important information to have with you first.


    • IMEI number for your device.


    • Name on your account


    • Account number and password


    • Account holders social security number


With that, you should be prepared to fill out any information required. Click on the name of each carrier to find out additional information on unlocking your phone.



    • Most Verizon phones come with a SIM card, even though they are on a GSM network. You'll need to contact them over the phone to get the process started.




    • You'll need to enter in a bit more information in order to unlock you AT&T phone, but you can conveniently fill out an unlock request online. They will send you an unlock code and guide you where to enter that in to unlock it.




    • If you have an active account with Sprint, you'll be able to unlock your phone after providing your personal information to a customer support associate. One HUGE downside to Sprint's unlocking policy is that it will not be able to unlock any iPhone. As the most popular smartphone line available, not being able to unlock any iPhone is an obvious disadvantage.




    • A pretty standard policy for unlocking your phone from T-Mobile. The device needs to have been used on T-Mobile, can't be reported lost or stolen, and have all contract payments satisfied. If you're lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy Avant, you can actually download an app to to let you unlock your device.




So feel free to unlock those phones and sell 'em, you have the freedom to do what you want!

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