How to restore your Mac from a backup

So you have a backup of your Mac ready, but how do you restore it back into that state? Here's how.



You may have already heard my diatribe about backing up your devices in order to safeguard your most precious data. If you're already using iCloud to sync your content, do you really need to do a full backup? Yes. One of the biggest reasons a full backup is so important is to cover you if or when your device crashes and you lose everything.

If you're in the middle of a very important, time-sensitive project and your Mac poops out, you may have protected the document you're working on in iCloud, but without a backup, you didn't protect your apps or settings and it'll take you a really long time to get things back the way you want them. With a recent backup, you can just restore your Mac and continue working. Believe me — you'll be happier if you just back up your Mac.

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