How to report a problem in Maps on iPhone and iPad

How do you send Apple corrections for bad Maps? From right within Maps!

Apple Maps require eternal vigilance. It's a big world out there filled with tiny, sometimes changing places, and if you find anything wrong with any of them, you can let Apple know by reporting a problem. That way, if something is missing, misplaced, or simply moved, you can submit newer, better information and Maps can update for everyone!


What kind of issues you can report in Apple Maps?

You can report a variety of issues in Apple Maps; here's a list with all of your options:

  • Map Labels
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Transit
  • Image Quality
  • Add a Place
  • Home address
  • Work address
  • Other Issue

How to report an issue in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Maps from the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Info button. It's the blue "i" in a circle.
  3. Choose Report an Issue.

    To report an issue in Apple Maps, open the app, choose the "i" icon, then choose Report an Issue.

  4. Tap Agree, if applicable
  5. Tap on the issue you want to report. For this example, I'll use Map Labels.
  6. Tap on a road or location you want to report, and make sure to include additional information and comments.
  7. Click Submit.

    To report an issue in Apple Maps, tap Agree, then tap on the issue type. Choose a road or location you want to report on. Add information, then choose Submit.

Depending on the issue you're reporting, the process is going to be slightly different. Fortunately, Apple includes instructions along the way so you shouldn't have too much of a problem when reporting issues in Apple Maps.

Apple might end up contacting you via the email address associated with your iCloud account if they have any follow-up questions regarding your report.




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