How to remove a website from Safari's 'Never Save' password list

Think your Mac's keychain is used only when you want to store a password? Turns out, it's also used when you don't want to store a password.

When you visit a website with Safari and log in with a username and password, Safari will ask if you want to save your password for that site on your keychain.

If you tell Safari that you not only don't want to save the password now, you never ever want to save the password, Safari will obey, and never prompt you to save the password again.

"Great," you think. "One less prompt to slow me down."

But what if you change your mind and want to add the website password to your keychain after all?


Accessing your passwords

Fortunately, your passwords are available on your Mac from within Safari. If you've made the decision to never save a password for a particular website, you can reverse that decision. Here's how.

  1. Launch Safari.
  2. From the Safari menu, choose Preferences....Open Safari Preferences
  3. Click the Passwords button.
  4. Enter the password you use to log into your account on your Mac and press return on your keyboard.Click Passwords and enter the password for your account on your Mac
  5. Use the search field to enter the name of the website.
  6. Select the website for which the password has never been saved and click the Remove button.Select the website you want to store passwords for and click Remove

The next time you log into the website, you'll be prompted again about saving your password for the site.

The only place you can delete a "Never Saved" password is on your Mac. While your choice to never save a website password can be made on an iOS device — and synced to other devices using the iCloud Keychain — an iOS device will not display websites for which passwords have never been saved, unfortunately.

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