How to find hidden files on Apple Mac and Macbook
See what's lurking under the surface on your Mac by discovering hidden files.

There are hidden files inside your Mac on macOS Monterey and previous versions. These files are all beneficial, which is the main reason Apple hides them. And yet, it's possible to find these hidden files on the best Macs in just a few steps.



Why are they hidden?

Before getting started with finding these files, it's important to understand why they're hidden in the first place. In some cases, the removal of these files can cause serious problems with your computer. The hidden objects can take various forms, including libraries and files, backend directories, and many more.

Because deleting hidden files on a Mac could lead to significant problems, it's best not to find them unless you're a techie or Apple support requested that you do.

There are two primary ways to find hidden files on Mac: through Finder and by using Terminal.

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