How to disinfect and Clean your laptop

The best MacBook, like all laptops, gets dirty through regular use and the environment. Cleaning your computer on a daily or weekly basis isn't just crucial for the device. By removing dangerous germs from your MacBook Air (M1, 2020) or another device, you're also protecting yourself. Here are essential ways to clean and disinfect your laptop.


How to clean and disinfect your laptop

Cleaning and disinfecting your laptop aren't the same thing, at least in the context of germs. Regular cleaning involves removing smudges and stubborn spots, and stains. Disinfecting, by contrast, removes unseen bacteria that could make you sick. For the latter, you need to use items that won't harm your laptop.

For everyday cleaning:

  1. Gently rub the cloth across the full width of the screen of your laptop, back and forth. When doing so, keep your computer steady, so it doesn't move while being cleaned.
  2. Use the cloth to clean other flat surfaces on the computer, including the device's top and bottom.

Note: Don't use items like paper towels or non-microfiber cleaning cloths. These can damage your laptop or leave lint behind.

For weekly cleaning, use a screen cleaner to both clean and disinfect:

  1. Spray your laptop screen and flat surfaces with a suitable cleaning spray.
  2. Use your microfiber cleaning cloth to remove the spray residue.

Note: The spray you use on your display needs to come from risk-free materials that won't hurt the computer. Gentle cleaners are best, typically ones that use isopropyl alcohol. The best rule of thumb: buy a spray designed to clean and disinfect electronics.

When your keyboard is dirty:

  1. Wet a clean sponge using purified or distilled water.
  2. Squeeze the clean sponge so that it's almost dry.
  3. Gently wipe the keyboard with the sponge, removing the grime.

Note: To remove stubborn stains, you can add a tiny drop of gentle dish soap to the water before cleaning.

On at least a weekly basis, disinfect your laptop:

  1. Use a one-use wipe across your entire notebook to remove germs.

Note: When selecting wipes, buy those aimed at killing bacteria that are also safe to use on electronics. These come from many companies and are available at various retailers.

Take just a few seconds out of your week to clean and disinfect your laptop. The most crucial part of any solution is making sure to have the correct items at home. Using things that aren't safe for an electronic device, you risk causing damage to your computer.


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