How to create a stereo pair with your HomePods and AirPlay 2
Did you just go out and get yourself two HomePods? Are you wondering how to make them into a set of stereo speakers? Wonder no more!

Apple added Airplay 2 support to iOS, tvOS, and HomePod OS with the 11.4 update. Now you can turn your HomePods into stereo speakers for that left/right channel audio. Here's how.


How to create a stereo pair with two HomePods using AirPlay 2

If you've invested in two HomePods and you want to keep them in the same room, the ideal setup is to group them using AirPlay 2. This turns them into stereo speakers with left and right passthrough channels.

  1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone.
  2. Long press on one of the HomePods.
  3. Tap Details.

  4. Tap Create Stereo Pair.
  5. Select the other Homepod you want to create a stereo pair with.

  6. Tap each HomePod in the Audio Settings to make sure they are properly identified as left and right.
  7. Tap Back to exit the Audio Settings screen.

Your two HomePods will be grouped into one location. Whenever you play music, it will come from both HomePods. You'll be able to trigger Siri from the left HomePod by default, but you can switch Siri to the right HomePod by long-pressing on its touchscreen top.


How to ungroup your stereo-paired Homepods

If you decide you'd prefer to set up your HomePods in different rooms, it makes the most sense to disengage the stereo pairing so both speakers work flawlessly in any room in the house.

  1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone.
  2. Long press on the HomePod pair.
  3. Tap Details.

  4. Tap Ungroup Accessories.
  5. Tap Ungroup to confirm that you want to ungroup the two HomePods.

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