How to Change the AirTag battery

The AirTag is one of the few Apple products that you can replace the battery on yourself.

During Apple's 'Spring loaded' event, the company finally unveiled the AirTag, which is the latest entry into the item tracker market. AirTags are a direct competitor to products like Tile, Chipolo, and more. It can even do some things that the others can't, such as Precision Finding and all of the privacy and security features to prevent stalking,

One of the surprising things about the AirTag is that it uses a standard CR2032 battery, regular, 3-Volt lithium coin cell batteries that you can buy pretty much at any drugstore or big box retailer. A single CR2032 battery will power an AirTag for about a year with regular use, after which you'll need to replace it.

Thankfully, replacing an AirTag battery is very easy, and you can do it yourself; no trip to the Apple Store is required.



How to replace an AirTag battery

Before you replace your AirTag battery, if it is in one of the best AirTags accessories like a case or loop, make sure to remove it so that the AirTag is by itself.

  1. Flip your AirTag so that the white side faces down and the stainless steel side is up.

  2. With two fingers, simply push in and twist counter-clockwise on the metal — similar to opening a child-proof cap on a medication bottle.

  3. Remove the old CR2032 battery.

  4. Replace it with a fresh CR2032 battery with the "+" facing up.
  5. Place the stainless steel cover back on by twisting it clockwise back until it locks.

As you can see, replacing an AirTag battery is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

How can you tell when you need to replace the battery?

According to Apple, one CR2032 should give you about a year of AirTag usage with normal use. Of course, this may vary depending on how much you want to play with the AirTag features like Precision Finding with an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 device, or show off how it works to others.

Thankfully, you don't even need to worry about that. Through the Find My app on the best iPhone, you'll be able to get a notification when your AirTag battery is running low, so you can purchase a CR2032 battery and change it out with time to spare. The Find My app will even tell you the current battery level of each AirTag as well, so you'll always know how much battery is left at all times.


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