How to add an AirDrop shortcut to the Mac  Dock for quicker access


To make it even easier to move files back and forth between macOS and iOS, you should add an AirDrop shortcut to your Mac Dock. Here’s how to do it.

If you spend a great deal of time each day moving files back and forth between your Mac and iOS devices, you know just how vital the macOS AirDrop feature is to your workflow. By default, AirDrop is only accessible on the Mac Finder under Go since the AirDrop shortcut is hidden. To gain direct access to AirDrop on the Mac Dock, you need to find and relocate that shortcut.



What is AirDrop?

Before getting started, it’s important to understand what you can do with AirDrop. Considered an ad-hoc service, AirDrop enables you to transfer files between Macs and iOS devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without needing mail or a mass storage device.

For security, AirDrop users TLS encryption over a direct Apple-created peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection for transferring files. The Wi-Fi radios of the source and target devices communicate without using an internet connection or Wi-Fi access point.

Note: Beginning with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, you can AirDrop saved website and app passwords as well as files.


Add AirDrop shortcut to the Mac Dock

To add the AirDrop shortcut to the Mac Dock, follow these directions.

1) Open the macOS Finder.

2) Select Go > Go to Folder.

3) Enter the following directory path in the box: /System/Library/CoreServices/



4) Click Go.

5) On the next screen, you’ll notice the shortcut for AirDrop. Drag the icon to the Mac Dock.



6) That’s it! There is now an AirDrop shortcut on your Mac Dock. You can remove the link from the Dock at any time by right-clicking on it and selecting Options > Remove from Dock.

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