Edit Screenshots on iPhone  iOS 11 Using Instant Markup

Apple’s iOS 11 has packed a whole lot of new features. One of the noticeable features of iOS 11 is the Instant Markup. Instant Markup allows users to quickly edit screenshots on iPhone iOS 11 right after taking them. This article will guide you how to save and share an edited screenshot on your Apple device running iOS 11.


Method 1: Edit a Single Screenshot on iPhone iOS 11

  • From any screen on your iPhone, take a screenshot. For iPhones 8 and earlier devices, take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Home and the Power button together. For iPhone X, a screen can be captured by pressing the Power and the Volume Up button simultaneously.


  • Once a screenshot is captured, a PIP (Picture in a Picture) will show on the lower-left part of the screen. Tap the PIP to open the screenshot that was recently taken.


  • Use the editing tools to edit your screenshot. The third section in this article will discuss the editing tools in Instant Markup.


  • Once you are done editing the screenshot, tap on the Done button in the upper-right part of the screen.


  • When you are done editing, tap the Share button on the lower-left part of the screen.


  • 1. Pen tool – uses a pen effect to mark anything on the screenshot.
  • 2. Highlighter tool – highlight any part of the screenshot simulating a highlighter effect.
  • 3. Pencil tool – make a screenshot using a pencil effect.
  • 4. Eraser tool – tap on any previous edit to delete it from the screenshot.
  • 5. Lasso tool – selects an edit action. You can reposition any mark or object using this tool.
  • 6. Color tool – allows you to select the color of your preferred tools.
  • 7. More tools button – shows a list of additional editing tools. These are the following:
  • 7.1 Text – adds a text on your screenshot.
  •     7.2 Signature – add a signature on your screenshot.
  •     7.3 Magnifier – enlarges a selected portion of the screenshot.
  •     7.4 Square Shape – adds a square shape on your screenshot.
  •     7.5 Circle Shape – adds a circle shape on your screenshot.
  •     7.6 Message Bubble – adds a message bubble shape on your screenshot.
  •     7.7 Arrow Lines – adds arrow lines on your screenshot.
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