Beginners Guide: How to get started with your new iPad

Welcome to your new iPad! Here's how to set it up and get started with it!

Even if you've never owned an iPad — or iPhone! — before, don't worry. Apple's made it really easy to get started, and we're here to walk you through all of it!


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How to set up and transfer data to your new iPad

The minute you turn on your new iPad, you'll see a screen that says "Hello" in many different languages. That's your own, personal setup buddy


How to add iCloud, Google, Microsoft, and other accounts to your new iPad

Whether you use Apple's iCloud, Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Outlook or Exchange, or something else, it's easy to set up all your mail, contacts, and calendar accounts to sync to your iPad. You can enable iCloud when you first set up your new iPad, or enable any service at any time in Settings.


How to use iMessage on your new iPad

iMessage is Apple's built-in instant messaging (IM) service. It lets you send text, picture, video, sound, and location quickly and easily to anyone else using iMessage on iPad, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. It makes for an incredibly powerful, unified experience, and is a great way to connect to anyone and everyone in your life.

If you sign in with iCloud when you set up your iPad, you should be set up with iMessage as well. If not, you can set it up and sign in at any time, and there are a whole lot of really cool features you can start using right away.


How to use the Camera on your new iPad

While not everyone has embraced iPad photography — yet! — it remains the best camera many people have with them. Maybe even you! With it, you can capture those magic moments with your family and friends, at work or at play, at home or on vacation, in your backyard or atop a mountain halfway around the world. From front- to rear-facing, still photos regular, square, or panoramic, to video and slow motion video, with built in high dynamic range (HDR), burst mode, filters, and more, the Camera app has a ton of functionality and options.


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