6 Facts You Need to Know Before  Buying a Refurbished Apple Product

You can find amazing bargains when buying refurbished Apple products, but before you buy refurbished, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into. In this post we answer 6 common questions about refurbished Apple products and explain the facts you need to know before buying.




1. What are refurbished Apple products?

Refurbished Apple products are Apple devices that have been restored to full working condition, as new, after being either pre-owned or used as display models.



2. Will my refurbished Apple product work like new? 

Yes – refurbished Apple products are 100% functional and all components in them work like new

From the screen of an iPhone, to the battery of an iPad, or the charger of an Apple Watch, refurbished Apple products will always have 100% of their parts in full working condition, like their brand-new counterparts do.


How is this? – you may ask.

Well, refurbished products aren’t the same as ‘used’ products. If any parts on a refurbished Apple product are not up to the functional standard of a new Apple product, they will be replaced.



3. Are refurbished Apple products fully tested?

Of course. When an Apple product is to be refurbished, one of the most important stages is the testing.

Refurbished Apple products go through a full test. This includes hardware and software tests, and a thorough checking of all components. Most parts, if not all, will pass the checks with flying colors.

If there are any issues found, the parts will go through troubleshooting. When the refurbisher knows what is wrong with the part, they can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Sometimes they will replace the part entirely with a new part.

For example, if an iPhone screen has a crack, it will be replaced with a brand new screen. Other times, the refurbisher will simply fix the part. For example, if there’s a loose wire on a MacBook motherboard, they can easily reconnect the wire.



4. Do refurbished Apple products have their operating system re-installed?

Yes – after the hard drive is erased of all data, the operating system is reinstalled. That means that when you receive your refurbished iPhone or iPad, it will have a clean copy of iOS ready for you to set up. Or if you’ve purchased a refurbished MacBook, it’ll be ready for you with a clean copy of Mac OS X (or macOS in future versions).


5. Do refurbished Apple products come with a warranty?

Yes, they do! It’s important to note that not all refurbishers include warranties with their products though. We advise you to stay away from companies that don’t provide warranties for any electronic items – whether they are refurbished electronics or not.

All JemJem Certified Refurbished items will come with free 90 day warranty coverage, which starts from the time a customer receives the product according to the packages tracking information.



6. Will my refurbished Apple product look brand-new?

The only real difference between refurbished Apple products and new Apple products (aside from the much lower price of course), is the cosmetic condition of the items. This is purely the appearance of the product, and it is important to remember that refurbished products are 100% functional and are thoroughly cleaned.

There are 3 different levels of cosmetic condition you can choose from:

  • Excellent – The screen and body are in perfect condition.
  • Good – The screen is in very good condition. There may be scuffs or nicks on the side or back.
  • Fair – There are scuffs and nicks. It will look used but will be fully functional.
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