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Deals Cut to Perfection Warranty

All JemJem Certified Refurbished items will come with free 30 day warranty coverage, which starts from the time a customer receives the product according to the packages tracking information.

Warranty Coverage includes:

  • Labor and Parts for all mechanical issues
  • In case item cannot be fixed, the customer will be issued a similar item for replacement.

What’s NOT covered:

  • Shipping Charges
  • Accidental damage, damages or non-functionality that results from accident, misuse, abuse, or other external causes.
  • Cosmetic damage or ordinary wear and tear.

Warranty is voided if:

  • Serial number has been removed or altered.
  • Product is jailbroken.
  • Product is damaged or is not functioning as a result from accident, misuse, abuse, or other external causes.
  • Updated software has caused the device to malfunction or perform poorly.

We offer the extended warranty for a variety of refurbished and new products on our site. Feel more secure by purchasing our extended warranty, which will add or increase the duration of our current warranty coverage.


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