Refurbished Apple iPhone 5C AT&T Pink 32GB & H20 4G LTE SIM Card (5GB Data Included)



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Get $50 Sim Card for $25 with purchase of iPhone. Shop JemJem premium refurbished iPhone 5C. This is the first line of Apple iPhones that offer a more variety of colors with its slim design and glossy surface really give the colors vibrant look. Comes with all of your favorite iPhone features camera, facetime, imessage etc. Comes in Green, Pink, White, Yellow and Blue, pick your favorite color today!
  • 4.0" display
  • 8 Megapixel camera
  • iOS 8
  • 802.11 b/g/n/ WiFi
  • non OEM Charger included

The iPhone 5c was released as an alternative to its big sibling, the iPhone 5. It has all of the important features, but its smaller size and variety of color options fits a larger market. If you've been looking for an iPhone that isn't the company's standard white or black colors, the pink iPhone 5c fits those needs perfectly. The biggest difference between the 5c and the 5 is it has a plastic body instead of Apple's signature aluminum outer. At just 4.9 inches tall and 2.33 inches wide, the 5c is a petite little phone that fits perfectly in even the smallest hands. But despite its slender size, it still boasts a 4 inch display. Paired with its high resolution LCD display, the 5c crisply displays emails, FaceTime calls, and videos.

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