Inflatable Coconut Tree Drink Holder (4-Pack)

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Highlights Having a party and looking to beautify your EVENT? It’s the “Must–Have “for your next pool party! Light up your party and keep your drinks in the water with this unique combo floating. Let the “boats “to bear your drinks Great for use at the pool, beach or lake. The combo drinks floats making it more fun for you family or friends. You can even fill the “boat” with your favorite sweet and savory snacks. Your friends will know it’s party time when they see this floats in the pool. Prepare for epic party with epic holders! Superior buoyancy; won’t tip over. Can be used for beverage cans holder, cell phones holder, desk decoration, children’s toys, water aquarium swimming adornment. Holds a variety of platters, drinks, and food at once A set Instant tabletop holders you can take anywhere! Once inflated it becomes a cup-size diameter hole that keeps your drinks on display.
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