Apple Refurbished MacBook Pro 15"

Technology has totally taken our lives under control and Macbooks top this list. With super powers and amazing fun superpowers, Apple's MacBook Pro 15 inch is everyone’s choice. At JemJem, we bring to you the all amazing used and refurbished MacBook Pro 15" so that you can buy them at a lower price than the new one. JemJem certified used and refurbished MacBook pro 15" is reconditioned to 100% performance and comes along with a charger.

What are the technical specifications of MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2017?

The 15-inch MacBook contains 2.8GHz quad-core processor, 256GB of storage, 2GB Radeon Pro 555 discrete graphics, Intel HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics and the touch bar. Touch Bar is a new input device. It sits on top of the keyboard, and it’s basically a narrow touchscreen.

How is MacBook Pro 15 different from MacBook Pro 13?

The MacBook Pro comes with a HD display with such a large number of pixels that pictures and content look amazingly smooth and clean. A 15-inch Retina display has a native resolution of 2880x1800 while the 13-inch Retina display has a native resolution of 2560x1600. For the most demanding mobile Mac user—somebody whose work requires a lot of processing power—the MacBook Pro 15" is great choice.

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