MacBook Pro 15"

Looking for the best refurbished macbook pro around? You might be asking yourself "is a refurbished macbook pro worth it?" "or what are the pros and cons of refurbished vs new macbook pro"? JemJem offers a variety of refurbished macbook pro 15 inch laptops. Ever order of an Apple refurbished macbook pro comes with a 30 day warranty.

A 15” backlit Retina display is perfect for writing, web browsing, and gaming. The display has support for millions of colors, proving the MacBook Pro to be one of the most powerful displays available. Quad-core Intel, a Core i7 processor, and Turbo Boost guarantees flawless execution of multiple apps and downloads without slowing down your computer’s process or draining your battery no matter how much you’re putting it through. Your MacBook Pro’s battery lasts anywhere from seven to 10 hours, giving you total freedom from the wall outlet during your work day.