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Apple Refurbished iPhone 6S

Apple Refurbished iPhone 6S

Looking for a refurbished iPhone 6S? Look no further! We at JemJem have stocked all the hottest models of the wonderful iPhone 6s for you. JemJem is the largest online Store in the USA to buy used iPhone unlocked.

Apple iPhone 6S is big in size and bigger in price, but we make sure that the big price shrinks to fit your pocket. Reconditioned to work like new, the iPhone 6S by JemJem is tested for 100% functionality, components, settings and packed in a JemJem certified box.

Should I buy a brand new iPhone 6S or refurbished or used iPhone 6S?

While a brand new iPhone 6S costs around $510-$610, its JemJem refurbished or used iPhone 6S unlocked costs around $297-$449, apparently making it a better buy. How do I check if my refurbished iPhone 6s is refurbished?

A refurbished iPhone 6s can be determined by the look and feel and the model number of the device. The model number can be determined at the back of the iPhone, or in the Settings.

Are your products genuine and certified?

All the products sold by JemJem are certified and genuine and bear an additional 90-day warranty. 

JemJem Certified Refurbished iPhone 6S is definitely the best-refurbished deal you could find anywhere. Guaranteed to work like new, our products are dedicated to saving you money!

Don’t miss out on great products at great prices!

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