Buy a Refurbished iPhone 4 Today!

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The iPhone 4 was released with a new display, a better processor, and a new design, making this a timeless option in the lineup of iPhones. It came equipped with iOS 4, one of the biggest updates in Apple’s iOS in history and featuring upgrades like background audio, task finishing (so you can run other apps while something is downloading, for example), and an improved camera with 5x digital zoom.

The iPhone 4 is packaged in a slick new handset. Instead of the metal back, the 4 is packaged completely in glass--front and back--and the glass is sealed with a stainless steel border, for an edgy, streamlined look. The glass is oleophobic-coated so it’s scratch resistant and lets you easily remove fingerprints and smudges with a soft cloth or even the hem of your shirt.

The retina display offers four times the resolution of older iPhone models with an 800:1 contrast ratio. This makes for a display with bold colors and graphics quality that make you forget you’re looking at an iPhone. Whether you’re catching up on a book or admiring your friend’s travel photography, you won’t see pixels no matter what you’re looking at.