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Apple Refurbished 12.9" iPad Pro

Apple Refurbished 12.9" iPad Pro

Lots of people are dying to purchase Apple iPad Pro. But the tragic thing is, very few of us can afford to purchase such an expensive device offered by Apple. However, there are different alternatives in acquiring an iPad without having to pay a huge amount of cash. It's either you win it in some contests or go for a Refurbished iPad Pro.

A JemJem Certified refurbished iPad Pro 12.9 is guaranteed to work like a new one. They are completely clean, reset to factory settings, tested to 100% functionality, includes a charger, and are guaranteed for 90 days. Want more security? We offer 1 year and 2 year extended warranties too.

What are the specifications of iPad Pro 12.9?

The device comes with a 12.90" display with a resolution of 2732 pixels by 2048 pixels at a PPI of 264 pixels per inch. And, when it comes to cameras, the Apple iPad Pro contains a 12-megapixel camera on the rear and a 7-megapixel front for selfies.

Should I buy a refurbished iPad Pro 12.9?

It's a nice way between new or fresh and a second-hand, essentially, and you can spare heaps of cash by purchasing a refurbished iPad from JemJem rather than splashing out on a brand-new iPad. As JemJem is a certified Apple iPad Pro 12.9 provider, you can be a little more confident in the quality and reliability of what you're getting.

In case you would like to spare a little expenditure and still want an iPad for yourself or a friend or family member—as a present for a parent getting their first tablet or for a kid new to the ways of iOS, the refurbished market is a great option.

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