Refurbished Chromebook

Looking for the absolute best laptop in the market? There’s nothing beyond a Chromebooks! JemJem offers a wide selection of refurbished chromebooks from any budget.

High-performance processors, cutting edge graphics and Chrome OS.

How trustworthy is a refurbished Chromebook?

JemJem is one of the most trusted online retailers in the USA, with hundreds and thousands of products listed on the website and more already sold. 

Is it worth it to buy a refurbished Chromebook over a brand new one?

A refurbished Chromebooks can find you a great value that is approximately 20-50% less than the new one. The best part about a refurbished Chromebook is that they thoroughly test and check the system software, reinstall the working parts and carry a nice user experience. However, the most important aspect is to purchase it from a reputable store.

What should I look out for when buying a Certified Used Chromebooks?

While buying a refurbished Chromebooks, it is important to pay attention to the aesthetics, functionality, settings, charging ports, model number.

Refurbished Samsung Chromebook Series 2 - Good Condition

Refurbished Samsung Chromebook Series 2 - Good Condition



Refurbished - Overall good condition. Enjoy fast performance and easy maintenance with the Samsung Chromebook 2. This slim, lightweight laptop fea...

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