Should I Buy an Apple Watch?

Should I Buy an Apple Watch?


The Apple Watch has been out for over a year. This has given plenty of time for refurbished Apple Watches to make its way to the market – including here at JemJem -- giving you a much cheaper option than buying new. But is it really worth it? We think so, especially if you fit into one of the following types of users.


Our experience is that these folks get the most value out of the Apple Watch and are the most satisfied. So if you’re not the tech geek that needs to have everything and are looking for a reason to make the jump keep reading. We think we have a compelling argument for why you should have one.


Apple Watch for Fitness


We’ll be frank – the Health app on your iPhone by itself stinks. While it does give you the basics like step count, floors climbed, and so forth – you’re only getting part of the picture (we’ve found the iPhone is less accurate than the Apple Watch too!).


You’ll have a much more accurate step count with an Apple Watch. It also measures heart rate, which makes calorie burn counting much more accurate. If you’re a fan of Strava or other big-name fitness apps, they all have an Apple Watch app so you don’t have to reach in your pocket to fiddle with your phone. There’s even an app that learns exercises from how your Watch moves, and automatically records your reps!


The new Series 2 is waterproof, but there are waterproof bands so you can take advantage of new features that can track swimming exercises. If you are trying to be healthier or are a fitness addict, and have an iPhone, you don’t have many excuses NOT to get an Apple Watch.


Apple Watch for Business


Our phones are all but a part of us these days. In business settings that’s an issue, however. The last thing you want to do during a meeting is bury your face in a phone. Instead, glancing at your watch is a whole lot less disruptive. You can even send simple replies with a few swipes.


Any notifications from your phone appear on your Watch, which you can also customize as to what ones you see and what ones you don’t. You could turn off Facebook and Twitter notifications, so only the most important ones disturb you while at work.


Of course, there’s a host of other apps that help you in your line of work, from mileage trackers to track for tax deductions, access to your calendar to stay on top of your daily meetings, and budget tracking apps if your self-employed.


Apple Watch for Home


If you own a smart home the Apple Watch is perfect to control it. Apps can control your lights and arm your security system. There’s even apps for digital thermostats, connected locks, and a remote control app for your Apple TV.


We’re also love the Breathe App. While it seems like an unnecessary feature, controlling breathing does quite a bit for stress. The app walks you through when to inhale and exhale, and you’ll feel more relaxed afterwards. It’s perfect for relaxing after a stressful day at work.


Apple Watch for Pleasure


With so many things going digital, chances are the next time you head to a concert or sporting event, you’ll have the option to use e-ticketing. There’s a host of apps that do just that. Paying for things there is simple if they have tap to pay: your Apple Watch can use the cards you have stored in Apple Pay after a brief setup process.


There’s apps that allow you to make reservations for dinner or quickly order or pay for your Starbucks coffee or order food for delivery in just a few taps. No more pulling your phone out for these simple tasks.


We’re sure you can find other reasons why you’d want to pick up an Apple Watch, but what you see here are what we think are the most compelling reasons. JemJem carries the refurbished Apple Watch in a variety of models at up to 50% off the original retail price. Pick one up today, we’re sure you’ll enjoy yours as much as we do!

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