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What is HelloEarth?

The simple international calling app.

For people who want inexpensive and reliable calling around the globe, HelloEarth is the simple solution. With no hidden fees or surprises, HelloEarth delivers a better calling experience to any phone, anywhere.

  • We offer flexible choices for International Calling.

    Whether you call one destination regularly or call all over the world, we have you covered. No contracts, fees, cards or pins. Simply dial 011+ from the HelloEarth dialer app.


  • PayGo Plan

    Our simple PayGo Plan allows subscribers to call anywhere in the world, paying only for minutes you use. More minutes to the places you call most with superior call quality and connections.


  • Unlimited Plan

    Our Unlimited Plan is perfect for subscribers who want the convenience and flexibility to call whenever and however much they want. Get unlimited access to 80+ destinations.


Now your family and friends in Mexico and Canada can call you!

  • • Loved ones can call any numbers in USA, Canada, and Mexico for FREE
  • • Promotional - enroll two loved ones (FREE) with Unlimited Calling Plan purchase
  • •  Requires Smartphone and WiFi
  • •  Only $3.00 per month